Benefits of Hypnobabies®

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Hypnobabies is based on the Painless Childbirth techniques developed by renowned hypnotherapist Gerald Kein. In class and through home practice you will learn techniques for deep relaxation and use self-hypnosis to eliminate fear and pain in order to create an easy and comfortable birthing experience.

The following are some of the benefits that have been reported by women using hypnosis for childbirth:

Moms and their birth partners will be relaxed and confident throughout pregnancy and birth.They will both use hypnosis to eliminate fear and create calmness and relaxation.

Success in lessening or eliminating prenatal challenges such as hip or back discomfort, heartburn, and insomnia.

Elimination of the fear/tension/pain cycle through the use of hypnotic suggestion during labor, so that the birth process can be comfortable and even enjoyable.

Fewer complications and interventions because the body and mind stay relaxed, allowing them to work to their fullest potential.

Fewer medications or none at all, reducing potential complications during labor and birth.

Shorter labors because the birthing muscles work without the resistance created by tension.

Many birthing women who learn and faithfully practice Hypnobabies techniques experience only powerful pressure sensations during birth. They give birth without fear or pain in a state of deep relaxation – and you can too.

In addition to providing hypnosis techniques for easier birthing, the Hypnobabies program is a COMPLETE childbirth education course including information on nutrition, birthing options, birth partner support and baby care.